Welcome to Guayaba.live

Guayaba.live is a web-blog platform aimed particularly to connect Latin American people living in the UK. It contains social, economic, political, and cultural information. Its information is presented directly with articles written especially for the page, but also through the interaction with Twitter. It contains reportage, interviews and features. 

Guayaba.live incorporates blog posts and videos. The layout is simple but attractive, and it is user friendly: readers can scroll up and down its pages and navigate easily by clicking on the links provided.


English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Guayaba.live articles are written in Spanish and English and can be read in Brazilian Portuguese using a translator tool presented beside each piece.

Why does the name Guayaba.live

The name Guayaba, Guava in English, is evocative for many Latin American people and me. It is, above all, a metaphor for togetherness.

Guayaba is a fruit that grows in many Latin American countries, which Gabriel García Márquez celebrated in an interview with his friend Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza, when he said that the smell of Guava was ‘the smell of our land’.   García Marquez was a Colombian journalist who taught responsible and creative journalism, and a writer who won the Literature Nobel Prize in 1982. Guayaba.live wants to follow his exemplary teaching.

Sections and topics

Sections and topics in Guayaba.live are aligned with the interest of the page: to support Latin American communities and Latin American organisations supporting us in the UK. They go hand in hand with the importance and need to continue dialogue with other communities created and constructed in the UK. 

Guayaba.live tries to respond in the best possible way to what matters to us in terms of work, family, health, housing, budgets, and language. Professionals in different areas are invited to interact with our readers.